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An innovative fall/winter lacrosse program for girls and boys in Grades 2/3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10 and 11/12, TSX Lacrosse is designed to provide instruction and game play with the goal of improving the player's skills over the fall/winter months.  Using a mix of skills development and game play our highly trained coaches develop strategic practice and game plans to improve EACH participant as a player and a team mate.  Players get to utilize their training in a game situation that day, further reinforcing what they just learned.

The program runs on Sundays with games between 10a-6p each week (each division will play within the same time range each week and we generally will schedule older->younger during this time period).  Three six-week sessions starting in late September.  Each week there will be approximately 30-40 minutes of instruction and drills on a particular aspect of the sport followed by a game.  TSX Lacrosse free agency registration will register your child as a free agent.  We will attempt to place your child on a team or create a team of free agents.  You will be notified by TSX Lacrosse with the team information if we are successful in placing your child on a team.  There is no guarantee that we will be able to secure a team for your child and if we are not successful we will refund your registration fee in full.  There are five divisions (elementary through High School) accommodating all levels of competition.   

Fall Session Dates

September 27 - November 1, 2015

Winter Session 1 Dates

November 8 - December 13, 2015

Winter Session 2 Dates

January 3 - February 7, 2016


Boys Divisions *
Boys High School Varsity (11th&12th Grade)
Boys High School JV (9th&10th Grade)
Boys Middle School Varsity (7th&8th Grade)
Boys Middle School JV (5th&6th Grade)
Boys Elementary School (2nd, 3rd and 4th Grade)  

Girls Divisions *
Girls High School Varsity (11th&12th Grade)
Girls High School JV (9th&10th Grade)
Girls Middle School Varsity (7th&8th Grade)
Girls Middle School JV (5th&6th Grade)
Girls Elementary School (2nd3rd and 4th Grade)  

Free Agent Cost:*

Fall Session (Cost: $139 per player)
Winter Session 1 (Cost: $149 per player)
Winter Session 2 (Cost: $159 per player)
Fall & Winter 1 Sessions (Cost: $260 per player) Save $28
Fall & Winter 2 Sessions (Cost: $285 per player) Save $13
Winter 1 & Winter 2 Sessions (Cost: $288 per player) Save $20
Fall, Winter 1, & Winter 2 Sessions (Cost: $370 per player Save $77 UNTIL September 22; after Sept 22= $400 per player Save $47)
* Discounts will be provided in the form of a refund from TSC after registering.  The online programs are not able to factor discounts but you will receive it back the first day of the program

10AM - 6PM, Sundays (Drills/Game time will be between the time specified.  Typically, we start the older groups at 10am and go through the day from older to younger.  This will depend on how many teams in each division we have but this can be used as a rule so you can see if this would work for your Sunday schedule.  The schedule will be published here and emailed to you no later than six days prior to the start of the session.

Register Online or download form

Equipment Needed:*

Boys:  Helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, mouth guard, lacrosse stick, and running shoes or cleats.  
Girls:  Eyewear/goggles, mouth guard, stick and sneakers/cleats.  

New players will receive a TSX pinnie at the time of your first check in

Playing Format:

Practice time/game times will vary each week depending on the skills being covered.  In general, skills development time will be approximately 25-30 minutes followed by a game.  

There are no cash refunds (other than for injury with doctors note).  Any agreed upon refunds come in the form of a credit for a future program at TSC.

Tyngsboro Sports Center, 18 Progress Ave, Tyngsboro, MA 01879